inContact's Mortgage Industry Products

inContact's product suite has been specifically designed and tailored for the Canadian Financial and Real Estate Industries. We have worked and grown in this niche since 1999. inContact has done extensive research and has years of experience on the needs and requirements of people and firms working in these industries.

Lead Generator

Do you need to generate leads for your website and then track them? Would you like to automatically reply to website leads generated and be notified the instant a potential customer fills in a form on your website? If so, please click here for more information.

Integrated CRM Suite

inContact provides an online tool to manage your client database. Co-ordinate the efforts of your team into one online tool that empowers your team to work together. Generate Online Leads, Track Clients, Generate and Execute Marketing Campaigns, Build reports, and much more with our Full CRM Suite. This CRM includes a seamless, 2-way connection with the Filogix Expert Mortgage Origination Platform. Click here for more information.

Compliance Management

inContact provides an online tool to manage your regulatory compliance requirements for your mortgage business. Leveraging the 2 hour synchronization with your Filogix Expert data for your entire firm, we empower your compliance officer to track compliant and non-compliant applications, automate agent and payroll notifications and a host of other reports for tracking volumes by agents and much more. Click here for more information.

Payroll Management

inContact has identified the need for an "end-to-end" mortgage origination system. As such inContact has taken a proactive approach, and is filling the need for a payroll and document compliance auditing system. inContact Payroll software provides firms with a system that will ingest Filogix data, then audit deals, associate agents splits, review and archive required documents, expense agents and produce reports used with EFT solutions to pay agents. Click here for more information.

Mortgage Notification

Receive notification by email of anything happening in your mortgage business. For example, get notified on your iPhone of all pre-approvals that are expiring today or that a web lead has been entered. Be notified of clients that meet cross-sell opportunities. For example, receive notification on your Blackberry when one of your clients can take advantage of a line of credit. Click here for more information.

CRM Suite and Web

Websites, Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization services for Mortgage Professionals. iToolPro offers comprehensive online marketing and website services to Mortgage professionals. Our extensive Mortgage website package is designed to offer you limitless growth options. iToolPro websites are professional, attractive, easy to use and can be launched instantly! Click here for more information.

Automated Email Newsletter

Staying in contact with your clients will ensure a career full of returning clients, client referrals and productive referral sources. inContact has put together effective marketing plans that will be executed on your behalf to your clients.

Customer referrals and repeat customers are the lifeblood of the mortgage business. How many referrals and refinancing opportunities are lost, simply because no one has the time or energy to spend on marketing to past customers? Click here for more information.

CDN Financial Database

The Canadian Financial Industry contact list is now in digital format. inContact has compiled an industry contact list into one main database and placed it in our award winning email marketing program. This will allow you to group contacts By Province, Contacts by Firm, Alphabetical List of Contacts, Contacts by Industry Organization and much more. Also, using our Simple Email system you can send email communications (NO LIMITS, NO restrictions), add, edit and delete contacts in the system, import your own contact lists, make your own templates or select to use from our template library, merge letters, print labels, create and track activity, generate reports, create call logs, and much more. Click here for more information.