Payroll for the Canadian Financial Industry

inContact has identified the need for an "end-to-end" mortgage origination system. As such inContact has taken a proactive approach, and is filling the need for a payroll and document compliance auditing system. inContact Payroll software provides firms with a system that will ingest Filogix data, then audit deals, associate agent splits, review and archive required documents, expense agents and automatically pay agents through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).


This software includes

Filogix data ingestion - inContact's payroll system completely and seamlessly ingests all of your firms Filogix Expert data. This allows your payroll administrators to work on files without re-entry or waiting on paper file submission. There are no bridges to be built, no customizations to be done. inContact's payroll system is completely integrated with your Mortgage Origination data.

Viewing/editing/deleting filogix deals - Once your data has been transferred, your administrators will have the ability to view, edit and delete the information. Delete 'dead deals', edit the deals final status, correct the missing or incorrect information and much more.

View/edit agents information - A separate internal setup section allows firms to track their agents information as well as establish and change commission split structures.

2 levels of access - inContact's payroll system allows for 2 levels of administrator access. The first level is for your payroll audits to ensure the deals are audited and correct before submitting them to the second level access, for Electronic Funds transfer authorization.

Process Lender Payments - Record Lender Payments on Finders, Broker, Volume Bonus and Retroactive Volume Bonus payments.

Other Expenses - Administrators can charge expenses to Agents records for items like business cards, CAAMP dues, Credit Bureau charges, Desk Fees, etc. These expenses will be netted against their commission payments.

Other Incomes - Add insurance premium residuals, Finders Fees or any other source of income your agents earn and need to be paid on.

Centrally stored - This system is a Hosted application, allowing firms to access the application from multiple locations.

Reports - inContact Payroll includes a robust reporting tool that allows firms to perform searches and reports on all data ingested.

Accounting Integration - When it comes time to transfer transactional records to your accounting system, inContact Payroll has you covered. Through report generation or formatted XML data feeds we can customize the application to work with your current accounting processes.


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Unlimited Mass Email
Secure Online System
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Push Applications to Filogix Expert      
Customized Website            
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Rate Watch Email Feature            
Website SEO            
Compliance Management Groups          
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Payroll Management Groups            
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Payroll Management Reporting            
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Demonstration and Questions

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