What is Monthly Email Service?

The Monthly Email Service is fully automated CRM that requires virtually no effort on your part. Every two weeks you will receive an email from the Monthly Email Service. Attached will be a personalized newsletter for you to review and send to your contact list. The newsletter when sent to your contacts, will look like if came on your behalf.

You are always in control. You can send the newsletter every month. The development and distribution of the newsletter will require no effort on your part.

This amazing Monthly Email Service is fully integrated with Filogix and automatically downloads all of your current and past client transactions into one client database, eliminating any double entry.



How it works

Why we built Monthly Email Service

inContact has been in the CRM business for Mortgage Professionals since 1999. We have learned a few things in those years:

  • Mortgage Professionals main focus is originating and servicing loans
  • Mortgage Professionals in the process of getting a mortgage, collect over 1000 pieces of information about the transaction. This includes income ranges, mortgage details, age, credit status, loans and much more
  • Brokers don't always have the time, resources or technical knowledge to market and manage their customer base
  • Brokers want and need to stay in front of their customer base to help generate new business as well as maintain a relationship with their current clients
  • Mortgage Professionals are respected and trusted advisors to their client base
  • There are opportunities at specific times in the life cycle of a mortgage transaction, when it would be beneficial for the brokers, applicants and advertisers to work together
  • Our network of brokers represent 76% of the leads and mortgage transactions completed by mortgage originators in Canada

Why is this so valuable?

The Monthly Email Service is “WIN – WIN” system. Brokers win by providing their clients with the added value of staying in touch with their clients and doing no work to execute professional added services.

Data Privacy

inContact takes data security and privacy very seriously. The Monthly Email Service system meets and exceeds the following privacy regulations:

  • Canadian Privacy Law
  • Canadian Pipeda Act

  • For more information and contact information please view inContact Privacy Policy.


    Monthly Email Service costs $99.99/month.
    Please contact your MPP Representative to find out how you can get this product for free 1-866-677-4677.