Mortgage Compliance Management tool

inContact software development has worked with Mortgage Brokers since 1998 on customized contact management software and CRM solutions. inContact has established itself as the premier contact management and CRM software provider to independent mortgage brokers and firms across Canada.

Working directly with Filogix technology inContact is able to import all of a brokers applications and allow them to create reports, newsletters, emails, labels, cards, letters and much more. inContact's Mortgage Compliance Management tool users to:

  • A 2 hour synchronization with your firms Filogix Expert data
  • A pre-configured setup used by brokers to monitor deal compliance
  • Notification feature for compliant and non-compliant mortgage applications
  • Track Compliance Details, Date, Notes and much more
  • Merge form letters, emails, memos based on compliance details, mortgage details and much more


Managing a brokerage's compliance duties is sometimes a frustrating and tedious task. It doesn't have to be. Use inContacts mortgage compliance Tool to:

  • Ensure every application is checked for compliance.
  • Only pay out commission on compliant mortgages
  • Notify Agents of applications that require further work
  • Spot Audit mortgage applications
  • Generate reports (Agent Summary, Deals Compliant and Non-Compliant, Paid and Not-Paid deals, etc)
  • Merge Form Letters and Emails
  • Web-Based, accessible by multi-users and much more

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Expert Integrated

As with all inContact products, we understand the importance of integration - NED2 (Never enter data twice). NEXA is completely integrated with the Filogix Expert Mortgage Origination System. All data and funding efforts completed in Expert are seamlessly transferred and integrated into inContact’s NEXA system.

Grouping and Report

Our Compliance Management tool allows you to group and report on your Mortgage applications. The system is pre-built with many groups. For example, closings this month, maturities in 30, 60 and 90 days, pre-approvals that are expiring this month and many more. The Compliance Management tool easily allows you to create groups and reports on-the-fly based on any field on the mortgage application. It is 5 clicks on the mouse to create a group of compliant applications from the year with a YTD total of the loan value.


Quickly find an application by searching for the loan code number, first or last name of an applicant. Searching for one of your mortgage applicants to reference the file has never been so quick and easy.


inContact's Compliance Management tool allows you to automatically notify payroll personnel, compliance officers, administrators and the agent on the deal. Once an application is reviewed by the compliance officer and is marked whether it is compliant or not, the system will send a notification, using your form letter or email to the appropriate person to complete their task.

Letters and Emails

inContact's Compliance Management tool allows you to merge individual, pre-formatted letters and emails. The tools will merge the information from the application directly and allow you to email or print.

Hosted Solution

The NEXA system is hosted at Canada's most secure data centre, Q9 networks. Please visit for more information.


As with all inContact products, NEXA is a completely supported application. NEXA has an online searchable Knowledgebase with over 150 graphic job aides. Users have access to our telephone technical support line, from Monday – Saturday, from 8:00am – 12:00am EST.

System Requirements

   ·  IE or Firefox web browser
·  Abode Reader


Q. Will all the data in my Filogix Expert software be in NEXA?
A. Absolutely! All your hard work in collecting those thousands of bits of information to get your clients their mortgage will not go in vain! NEXA is refreshed with Expert data daily.

Q. Can I just buy the software?
A. Sorry you cannot. inContact software is provided on a monthly subscription fee. Your fees include any and all upgrades that Filogix makes to their technology which effects the functionality of your inContact software, any and all upgrades that inContact makes to it's core technology, and all online and telephone technical support you and an assistant require.

Q. How long am I committed to the monthly Subscription?
A. One year. If at any time after the one year commitment you wish to cancel your subscription, we require written notification.

Q. Do you have template Letters?
A. inContact software has over 13 marketing plans and over 1000 template letters for your use.

Q. What if I change Brokerages will I still have access to my inContact database?
A. Yes.

Q. Can I have multiple user accounts with NEXA?
A. Yes.

Q. Can my assistant work on inContact with my Expert Client Database?
A. Yes.

Q. Can I have a demo of the software?
A. Yes. Please call our Call Centre at 1 866 290 6067 Ext 3 and we would be happy to demo the inContact software for you.

Q. Does inContact work on a MAC?
A. Yes.



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Add/Edit Delete Contacts
Unlimited Mass Email
Secure Online System
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Push Applications to Filogix Expert      
Customized Website            
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Rate Watch Email Feature            
Website SEO            
Compliance Management Groups          
Compliance Management Notifications          
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Payroll Management Groups            
Payroll Management Notifications            
Payroll Management Reporting            
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