CRM Software for Mortgage Professionals

inContact software development has worked with Mortgage Brokers since 1998 on customized contact management software and CRM solutions. inContact has established itself as the premier contact management and CRM software provider to independent mortgage brokers and firms across Canada.

Working directly with Filogix technology inContact is able to import all of a brokers applications and allow them to create reports, newsletters, emails, labels, cards, letters and much more. inContact's NEXA platform enables users to:

  • Connect to your Filogix Expert Data
  • Connect to your Online Mortgage Application Form
  • A single click dashboard linking to your groups and tasks
  • AUTOMATIC campaigns and actions
  • Lead Management
  • A Condition Management System
  • A Payroll Management System
  • A CRM Fulfillment System (someone does all the printing, stuffing, stamping and postal drop off for you)
  • A complete online library of over 1000 templates
  • A complete online tutorial system with video lessons on EVERY feature of Nexa and much more


Your first question will probably be "how will this software improve my business and make me money"? Great question, and we have the answer.

  • Empower your agents to market your company's name in their day-to-day business
  • Ensure that all clients of your Brokerage, regardless of which agent does the deal has a proven contact management strategy applied to their file
  • Grow your refinance business by having your agents clients come back at refinance time
  • Grow your referral business by keeping your company name in front of your clients and referral sources
  • Retain your clients as life long clients
  • Increase your client care
  • Allow you to manage more clients
  • Empower you to educate and connect more often with your clients

20 Million Reasons to Use Nexa


Screen Shots



Expert Integrated

As with all inContact products, we understand the importance of integration - NED2 (Never enter data twice). NEXA is completely integrated with the Filogix Expert Mortgage Origination System. All data and funding efforts completed in Expert are seamlessly transferred and integrated into inContact’s NEXA system.

The Dashboard

The NEXA software has a customizable Dashboard that allows you, with a single click to access groups, reports, campaigns, actions, software features and much more.

Marketing Services

inContact software can help you get your marketing material to your clients. This service will allow you to implement timely and effective marketing campaigns without having to do the physical administrative work yourself. inContact software can automate the fulfillment of simple birthday cards, referral thank you letters or complicated mortgage renewal documents. Pegasus Direct Mail Worx will print, address, customize, insert into envelopes, stamp and mail to the client on your behalf. To read more about this service please visit this page - inContact CRM Central Marketing


inContact Software works directly with your Expert data. There is no need to re-type your contacts into NEXA! All clients you have ever entered and continually enter into Expert will show up directly into your NEXA application. NEXA empowers users to analyze both client data and mortgage application data. Reports can be created (Excel or PDF) based on any criteria within the contact record or mortgage applications.

Campaign Management

NEXA allows users to execute or create contact campaigns. A campaign would contain a group of activities that would be completed in succession based on the campaign criteria. An example of a campaign could be a “Lead Follow-up Campaign”. This campaign could be made up of 5 “actions” that happen to be 5 emails, all sent out 2 weeks apart from each other. Campaigns can trigger closing thank you emails, maturity notification reminders and much more.

Contact Management

NEXA allows users to manage the contact information and mortgage applications associated with their contacts. NEXA allows for activity tracking, mail merging (print and email), reporting, Microsoft Excel integration, contact campaign management and much more.

Marketing Material Templates

NEXA is equipped with over 1000 marketing pieces geared towards the marketing needs of the Canadian Mortgage Professional. Nexa is also equipped with 13 automated campaigns to assist brokers with executing properly designed and tested marketing initiatives.

Web Site Lead integration

NEXA has a web ingestion HTML form that when integrated into a users website allows leads to be added directly into NEXA

Notification and Task Management System

NEXA has a comprehensive Notification and Task Management system. Users can set up automatic reminders that will email notifications or tasks to themselves or a designated team member.

Hosted Solution

The NEXA system is hosted at Canada's most secure data centre, Q9 networks. Please visit for more information.


As with all inContact products, NEXA is a completely supported application. NEXA has an online searchable Knowledgebase with over 150 graphic job aids. Users have access to our telephone technical support line, from Monday – Saturday, from 8:00am – 12:00am EST.

Other Features

Track Broker Deal Flow  

Report Sharing

Track Agent Deal Flow  

Actions and Tasks Automation

Track Submission Agent Deal Flow  

Actions Triggered by Events

Total, Sum, MIN, MAX, AVG – All views/groups  

Merging To EMAIL, PDF, and Documents

Sort/Group based on Product  

Group Management

Agent/Broker information tracking beyond Expert data  

Target Marketing Analysis and Reporting

Fees, VB, and Commission Tracking  

List Management

Application User Hierarchy  

Application Forecast Reports

Remote Access  

Pipeline Staging Reports

System Requirements

   ·  IE or Firefox web browser
   ·  Abode Reader


Q. Will all the data in my Filogix Expert software be in NEXA?
A. Absolutely! All your hard work in collecting all that information to get your clients their mortgage will not go in vain! NEXA is refreshed with Expert data daily.

Q. Can I just buy the software?
A. Sorry you cannot. inContact software is provided on a monthly subscription fee. Your fees include any and all upgrades that Filogix makes to their technology which effects the functionality of your inContact software, any and all upgrades that inContact makes to it's core technology, and all online and telephone technical support you and an assistant require.

Q. How long am I committed to the monthly Subscription?
A. One year. If at any time after the one year commitment you wish to cancel your subscription, we require written notification.

Q. Do you have template Letters?
A. inContact software has over 13 marketing plans and over 1000 template letters for your use.

Q. What if I change Brokerages will I still have access to my inContact database?
A. Yes.

Q. Can I have multiple user accounts with NEXA?
A. Yes.

Q. Can my assistant work on inContact with my Expert Client Database?
A. Yes.

Q. Can I have a demo of the software?
A. Yes. Please call our Call Centre at 1 866 290 6067 Ext 3 and we would be happy to demo the inContact software for you.

Q. Does inContact work on a MAC?
A. Yes.



Email Marketing Lead Generator Full CRM Suite Integrated CRM Suite Mortgage Compliance Management CRM and Web Mortgage Payroll Management
$6.99/month $18.99/month $29.99/month $69.99/month $89.99/month $99.99/month $125.99/month
One Time Setup Fee $0 $0 $0 $50 $400 $0 $1200
Add/Edit Delete Contacts
Unlimited Mass Email
Secure Online System
Access to Templates
Create Templates
Website Lead Form  
Lead Notification Email  
Automated Notifications    
Print Avery Labels    
Direct Mail Merging    
Automated Marketing Campaigns    
Activity and History Logs    
Seamless Filogix Expert Data Connection      
Push Applications to Filogix Expert      
Customized Website            
Website Content Management System            
Rate Watch Email Feature            
Website SEO            
Compliance Management Groups          
Compliance Management Notifications          
Compliance Management Reporting          
Payroll Management Groups            
Payroll Management Notifications            
Payroll Management Reporting            
20 Million Mentoring Program

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