inContact's Products

inContact Inc. is a software tools company with a collection of software and platform based tools that focus on leveraging a business's greatest assets, data. inContact, originally started business in 1999, in the Canadian Financial industry and has branched out from there.

Email Marketing Tool

Would you like a simple to use tool to email your contacts? Would you like a way to create a list of contacts and send out beautiful emails? Use our Email Marketing Tool to send your monthly newsletters, new product releases, well wishes or other information. The number of emails and the number of contacts you can email at once are unlimited. Click Here for more information.

Online Leads Manager

Do you need to generate leads from your website and then be able to track them? Would you like to automatically reply to leads generated or be notified the instant a potential customer fills in a form on your website? If so, please Click Here for more information.

Full CRM Suite

inContact provides an online tool to manage your client database. Coordinate the efforts of your team into one online tool that empowers your team to work together. Generate online leads, track clients, generate and execute marketing campaigns, build reports, and much more with our Full CRM Suite. Click Here for more information.

CDN Financial Database

The Canadian Financial Industry contact list is now in digital format. inContact has compiled an industry contact list into one main database and placed it in our award winning email marketing program. This will allow you to group contacts by Province, Firm, Industry Organization and much more. Also using our Simple Email system you can send email communications (NO LIMITS, NO restrictions), Add, Edit and Delete contacts in the system, Import your own contact lists, create your own Templates or select to use from our template library, Merge Letters, Print Labels, Create and Track Activity, Generate Reports, Create Call Logs, and so much more. Click Here for more information.

AdFeathers Market Place

The inContact AdFeathers Marketplace contains 1.5 million mortgages and over 3 million applicants. AdFeathers is a tool that allows marketers and product owners the ability to present opportunities to data owners and their contacts. For more information please Click Here.